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Global RefugeGlobal Refuge is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization based in Florida. The organization was founded by long-time collegiate coach Brian McNeely, who felt moved to have an impact on some of the world's most vulnerable people. This has led the organization into the jungles or war-torn Burma and Northern Uganda where they specialize in acute medical care and disaster relief.

GRI programs focus on bringing together the most in-depth, effective medical care available and years of experience working in extremely difficult settings. Through proven methods, GRI works to ensure that high-mortality diseases are controlled in the midst of emergencies and in the post-emergency phase. Programs are based heavily on training of local personnel in order to build strength in the local health systems to handle the complications that come with rebuilding society and infrastructure.

Global Refuge programs are driven through the health sector, but are designed to incorporate aspects of Water/Sanitation, Food Security, Child Protection and Resettlement programs. All Global Refuge programs are built on sustainable approaches to building local capacity to increase healthcare access. Global Refuge specializes in emergency response in natural and man-made disasters and has constructed a leading global response network for cholera, shigellosis, pneumonia, malaria, malnutrition and other high-mortality diseases in emergencies. Learn more about Global Refuge at their web site: globalrefuge.org


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